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Professional and Experienced staff help you anytime.

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We only use natural products in the process.

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We use the best and world class equipment for cleaning.

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Hotel Housekeeping

Shiny surfaces, neatly folded towels and a light scent of freshness — this is what comes to mind when we think of an excellent hotel room. We can provide your hotel with skilled and experienced housekeepers who will keep it impeccably clean.

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After Construction Cleaning

If your hotel has been recently built or renovated, you might want us to remove all the dust and garbage left over. In a short time, you will be ready to open the doors for the first guests.

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Whenever guests enter a hotel, the first person they see is a doorman. Good doormen make visitors feel welcome, secure and courted. It is significant to choose the highly skilled ones.

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F&B Stuff

Who are our housekeepers, drivers and valets?
Each of the workers we employ knows how to use all modern equipment needed to complete their job with excellence. Also, we make sure that the staff follows the policy of politeness and kindness.

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If you cannot find what you are looking for in the list of our services, just call or message us. Probably, your situation is not standard and needs an individual approach. We are happy to find an elegant solution for you.

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About Hotel Housekeeping

Hotel Housekeeping is a hotel staff outsourcing company based in the USA. We are a young, but quickly growing business. We set ambitious goals and work hard to simplify life for your clients.

We have more than 120 housekeepers, doormen and valets ready to start working for your hotel. They are not just ordinary workers, but experienced professionals, who also demonstrate good communication skills and willingness to work at their best.

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